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Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical transcribing means interpreting information of medical records that are dictated by healthcare professionals and physicians. This information includes analysis, progress reports, history of the patients and even letters. It is observed that a lot of legal actions are taken against doctors. Hence, it is wise to keep records of every interaction between the doctor and the patient. These records are also viewed at the time of reference or for taking a second opinion in case of an incurable disease.

It becomes very difficult for the doctors to keep records of every patient and hence, a medical transcriber is appointed. An individual who performs medical transcriptions is called a medical transcriber. Medical transcribers record voice conversations that take place between doctors and the patients, and then convert them into written documents.

Medical transcription is becoming one of the most recognized careers in America. There are many colleges, schools and institutions that offer courses for students who want to take up medical transcribing as a profession. The courses in these institutions follow the syllabus designed by the American Association for Medical Transcription also known as the AAMT. People who have past out of a reputed institute as medical transcribers take the opportunity to work in big hospitals with leading doctors.

People who have family obligations can take up medical transcription as a home based job. Many individuals also prefer to work with hospitals as it gives them a better experience and the necessary exposure. This is also the case with medical transcribers who work with leading doctors at their clinics.

While choosing a job, medical transcribers must keep in mind that there are various avenues open and choosing the right job will help them grow.

What Education Does a Medical Transcriptionist Need?

If you are looking for a job in medical transcription , you will need some sort of formal MT training beyond high school. Fortunately, medical transcription education doesn't require the time and cost of a four-year degree.

A good MT education prepares you to transcribe medical reports. To do this, you need to be able to listen to recordings and understand medical terminology. Having the right education helps you do this.

A comprehensive medical transcription course will teach you medical terminology. It is essential for medical transcriptionists to understand medical jargon and identify proper terms to use. A good MT course program will teach you to use appropriate medical reference materials to make sure you get it right. With a good medical transcription education, you will be able to spot errors and edit to make the report clear and to correct grammar. You will learn the standards that must by used for medical records. Medical transcription education is also essential for learning legal and ethical requirements of medical records.

You also need strong computer skills and good grammar and punctuation skills. Pre-employment tests are often necessary, and you won't pass these without medical transcription education. Many medical transcription programs offer on-the-job experience, which will give you confidence when you look for your first job.

Medical transcription education can be attained in a variety of ways. There are certificate programs that last a year. If you want to advance your education, two-year programs are offered at vocational schools. Distance learning works well for medical transcription , so you may not even have to leave your home to learn.

As you can see, medical transcription education is essential to doing the job right. There is no other way to learn the terminology and technology necessary for work in this field. Fortunately, it is easy to find schools offering medical transcription education. You can even learn from home. Whatever your needs are, there is an opportunity for finding the right medical transcription education that will work for you.

Is A Medical Transcription Career Right For You?

There's a lot of hype about the medical transcription industry being an easy career choice. Some people even believe all that hype. It is a great career and you'll make good money. The hype comes from people selling correspondence courses telling you how easy it is. But the only question you should ask yourself is, is this a good career for you and would you enjoy it? Medical transcription just might be a good career for you. I want to go over the pro's and con's of the medical transcription industry and see if it really is right for you or not.

In truth, medical transcription can actually be a very rewarding and challenging career. And best of all the demand for MT's keep growing. There are ample jobs for anyone willing to choose to make medical transcription a career.

But many people come into this line of work and think they can make a career out of it just because the demand is high. Then they start going through the process and find that it's a lot harder than they anticipated.

Making good money is a real possibility, but it isn't all easy. There is some work involved.

The medical transcription industry comes with a few drawbacks. You do need training and continuing education to keep up with the advancements in the industry. This scares many people away from making it a career. If you're thinking about about it like "why isn't everybody getting into it if the demand is so high and supply of MT's are so low"?

Yes, this is why. It's very fulfilling and rewarding, but it's not easy.

The medical terminology can be hard to understand at first as well. You can expect a average of six months to get a firm understanding. There are many types of medical terminology to learn, treatments, names of drugs , patient conditions, and a host of other medical terminology that must be understood to do the work accurately.

The medical industry is always advancing and changing. It's another hurdle to overcome and why continuing education is so important.

Mail order courses are out there and many professionals indorse them, but it's always best to have a hands on approach to learning medical transcription . Colleges teaching it or on the job training in your area would be the very best way to learn. You can't get that kind of hands on treatment with mail order courses.

Mail order courses can be helpful, but it doesn't take the place of a live human being showing you the basics.

As with anything, medical transcription isn't for everyone, but you can earning a great living if you're interested in the medical industry. It could be something to take a serious look at.

Home Based Medical Transcription

Many Moms are looking for home based businesses for a variety of valid reasons. There are stay at home Moms who want to earn the household a second income, those who want to get out of the rat race, Moms who don't want to send their kids to daycare all day everyday which will save a ton of money in itself, and many more reasons.

Looking for a work at home job can be overwhelming. Many people don't even know where to start. Moms are afraid of being scammed as scams are all over the place. They want to find a real way to work from home and earn money. Some Mom's find business opportunities such as direct sales, but end up investing a lot of time and money and hardly earning anything. So, where are the good paying, real home based businesses?

A completely legitimate, serious home based job is medical transcription and it pays well. A medical transcriptionist is a person who converts a doctor's voice dictation into a typewritten format. As long as there are patients who visit doctors, there will always be a need for medical transcriptionists. In fact, it's a lucrative field as the health care industry is a trillion dollar industry. Government economists predict that job growth for medical transcriptionists will be faster than average for all careers through 2014. An aging population will need more medical care and insurance companies will continue to require more documentation by doctors, and thus transcriptionists.

In order to be a medical transcriptionist , you need to be a fast typist, fluent in English, and you must take a medical transcription course. The course can be taken in the comfort of your own home at your own pace if you choose, and can be completed in as little as 6 months. If tuition cost is a deterrent, there are schools that offer flexible payment plans. You will need to learn medical, anatomy and physiology terminology so you can understand the complex medical terms that doctor's use. To become a proficient medical transcriptionist, you will need a lot of practice and hands on experience.

Once you complete your course, you can work for hospitals or private doctor's offices. More and more hospitals and clinics are hiring medical transcriptionists that work from their home because it saves them money. Some medical transcription schools offer assistance in finding a job once you graduate. You could also look in newspapers, online classifieds, and send letters and a business card to doctor's offices and hospitals.

This is something to get into only if you are serious and dedicated. There is a lot of studying, learning, and investment of time and money involved. If you work at home as a medical transcriptionist , you will need to purchase some equipment and reference books. This is an investment in your future and will be worth it once you are making a full time income working from the comfort of your own home in your favorite pink sweatsuit. As a new medical transciptionist your pay will be lower, but once you become an experienced, proficient medical transcriptionist your pay will increase. Medical transcriptionists earned an average salary of $29,880 in 2005. The average hourly wage was $14.36.